Vendor Registration and Fees

Requirements for vendor registration are as follows:

  • Tax registration Number (T.R.N)
  • Two (2) passport size photographs
  • Identification (Passport or National Identification, etc.)

It must be noted that registration is an annual process, which begins

April 1, of one year to March 31, of the other year.

Registration fee $2,500.00 per annum (fee is subjected to changes)

Vendors who have already been registered and have decided to cease vending operation must return their Vendor Licence Book to the Corporation for cancellation. Failure to return same, indicates that the licence remain active and the annual licence fee/s will remain outstanding to corporation.

However, if and when they decide to resume vending them they should reapply for registration and licensing.

All vendors are changed a user fees to vend in the Markets.

Vendor Licenses issued by this Corporation can only be used in the market so specified, the type of Goods for sale so specified and the time and date so specified in the booklet and only be use in the Parish of St. Catherine, excluding the Municipality of Portmore.