Laws and Regulations of St Catherine Municipal Corporation

Laws and Regulations affecting the Operations of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation
The Local Governance Act 2016 -,%202016%20No.%208.pdf
Local Government (Unified Service and Employment) Act 2016 -,%202016%20No.%205.pdf
Local Government Financing and Financial Management Act 2016 -,%202016%20.pdf
The Pensions (Parochial Officers) Act -
The Retiring Allowance (Parish Councillors) Act -
The Public Health Act -
The Registration of Titles Act -
The Restrictive Covenants (Discharge & Modification) Act -
The Road Traffic Act -
The Towns and Communities Act
The Town Nuisances Prevention Act
The Town & Country Planning Act
The Urban Development Act
The Housing Act
Advertisement Regulations
National Heritage Act