Board of Supervision

The Board of Supervision is the governing body which oversees the running and activities of the Poor Relief Department. The Board of Supervision may make rules in relation to the administration of Poor Relief and without prejudice to the foregoing powers, some of these rules are:

  1. For the control and management of Poor Relief and for the form and manner in which such relief may be given.
  2. For controlling the education of children whose education is a charge, on Poor Relief funds.
  3. For regulating and controlling the form, manner and kind of medical assistance which may be granted to persons under the Poor Relief Act.
  4. For the government, management and control of Infirmaries and of all Poor Relief institutions.
  5. For making provision for, and controlling the boarding out of, children subject to Poor Relief.
  6. For controlling the duties of all Poor Relief Officers and the manner of their performance of such duties.