​Type of Care


  • Monetary Assistance - each registered client is paid a monthly allowance
  • Educational Assistance - Poor Relief provides lunch, transportation fares, school fees, books, uniforms, etc.
  • Provision of Food - Food stuff distributed as available in collaboration with FOOD FOR THE POOR and other charitable organisations and private individuals.
  • Transportation - Provided for those unable to get to hospitals due to lack of funds.
  • Bedding and Clothing - New items of clothing and foam are furnished to suit individual needs.
  • Medical Assistance - The Department assists with the purchase of drugs, pays hospital fees and provides optical and dental care when necessary.
  • Housing - Indigent Housing funds as well as grants given by the Member of Parliament are handled by the Poor Relief Department. Investigations are carried out and each case dealt with on its own merit.
  • Burial - The Department assists those who cannot afford to pay the cost associated with burial.
  • Assistance to the Disabled - The Department provides crutches, wheelchairs, artificial limbs etc to enable the disabled to be mobile and to be more productive citizens.
  • Counselling - Poor Relief Officers undergo training in counselling and so are equipped to address your concerns.

Clients who are unable to take care of themselves and have no form of assistance are eligible for admission to the Infirmaries and Golden Age Home.
These institutions provide total care for residents who are considered wards of the state. These persons are provided with shelter, medical care, clothing, etc.