Minor Water Supply

The Department comprises of three units:

  • The Resource Unit
  • The Supply and Collection Unit and
  • The Technical Unit

Each Unit’s responsibility is:
The Resource Unit will be responsible for day in day out activities of the operational vehicles, equipments, and tools in carrying out of Tasks.
The Supply and Collection Unit will be responsible for all water requests, tracking data and water distribution, to include chlorine distribution and water sampling at point’s location.
The Technical Unit will be responsible for upgrading of systems, systems maintenance, storage and distribution of both water treatment and maintenance materials to accommodate effective operations of water facilities in St. Catherine under the Municipal Corporation's Management.
Units Monitors:
The Resource Unit - Mr Robert Brown
The Supply and Collection Unit – Mr. Joseph Grant
The Technical Unit – Mr. Girvan Malcolm
Department’s deployments;

  1. Location of water points
  2. Sizes of all water points
  3. Feeding capacity of water points
  4. Water distribution scheduling
  5. Water treatment materials scheduling and allocations
  6. Water treatment scheduling / reports
  7. Water condition reports
  8. Resources data, scheduling / allocation
  9. Resources operating data
  10. Water request logging, scheduling and supply 

Expectations of the Department:

  1. Recording, Tracking and Distribution of water supply request
  2. Preventative Maintenance Measure
  3. Maintenances of water point locations
  4. Collection of data to accommodate water distribution to its maximum from each water points
  5. Assessments of illegal water connections to accommodate regularization of consumers
  6. Assessments of water points to accommodate storage for effective realization treatments.
  7. Assessments of water storage facilities to accommodate the ratio of water treatment materials required to maintain each facility. 

And the unit will continue to improve on our maintenance and water treatment procedure and deployments in order to accommodate transparency in these areas, by educating both our internal and external client.