Community Relations Section


Community Programmes Coordinator’s Section

The general idea of this section is to:

  • Maintain links with community groups, individuals and other stakeholders who indicate an interest or willingness to participate in Corporation's activities and in the field of community development
  • Supporting Community Groups, Citizens Associations, Community Development Committee’s, School Groups, Non-Government Organizations etc., who often invite us to seminars / meetings to inform and be informed of activities, events and community accomplishments / achievements
  • Maintaining contact with community - based organizations through attendance at and participation in their meetings
  • Make trips to project sites, and taking photographs as part of the community capacity - building aspect 
  • Mutual involvement/rapport with Information Management Specialist as it relates to compilation and posting of information on the website
  • Encourage and maintain citizens participation in Civic Functions and community based projects / tasks
  • Gathering information and complaints from the Public
  • Advertising, to include print publications, television, radio, internet, signage, Town Crier or any public information
  • Disseminating of  Media Advisories / Releases
  • Arrange for interviews, consultations, sessions or any form of dialogue -management /media, as the need arises    
  •  Assist with planning of civic functions and other social matters of the Corporation Providing Brochures outlining general / departmental Municipal Corporation's roles, functions and services
  • Section 41 of the Local Governance’s 2016 Act  speaks to supporting Community Meetings at least once each year in order to report to the Local Authority’s populace regarding performance and plans (prime example of these meetings are community Fora hosted in respective divisions)