Chief Executive Officer's Function

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for :

  • the overall management and control of the Corporation's administartive machinery;
  • provides exemplary leadership which inspires optimum performance of staff;
  • ensuring that the Corporation operates within the provisions of the various laws/regulations governing its functioning 
  • facilitating the work of the various committees by ensuring that they are provided with adequate administrative and support services.
  • Planning and organizing the administrative work and staffing of the Corporationl.
  • Performing duties as a secretary to the Local Board of Health.
  • Monitoring the Corporation's financial operations by giving directives to all Divisions/Sectiobs concerning accounting and financial procedures.
  • Serving as a Clerk to the Council meetings and attending when required any Committee meeting to give advise and views to the Councillors.
  • Negotiating on behalf of the Corporation with Trade Unions in respect to disputes arising betwwen itself and employees.
  • Consulting with the mayor and keeping him/her informed of the operations of the Corporation.
  • Ensuring that Civic Functions such as Independence Ceremonies, Heroes Day, Tree Lighting Ceremonies are properly arranged and carried out.