Senior Management

Senior Managers of St Catherine Municipal Corporation

Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Andre Griffiths

Chief Engineering Officer - Mr. Garfield Thompson

Deputy Superintendent of Roads and Works - Mr. Romond Fisher

Director of Administration - Mrs. Nicholee Downie

Chief Financial Officer - Ms. Delores Gooden

Budget and Revenue Officer – Ms. Paula Lynch

Director of Planning - Mr. Chad Allen

Inspector of Poor - Ms. Angella Wright

Acting Matron - Mrs. Winsome Keane Dawes

Information Management Specialist – Mrs. Chorlette Marshall-Campbell

Acting Office Manager - Mr Omar Mattis

Commercial Services Manager - Ms Telka Holt

Acting Disaster Coordinator - Mrs Yasheka Thompson

Acting Senior Internal Auditor - Ms. Anakay Clarke

Acting Community Programmes Coordinator – Ms. Rieshauna Dubidad

Executive Secretary - Ms. Marcia Lewin

Linstead Town Manager - Ms. Chantae Brown