Procedure For Accessing Assistance

Application for assistance may be sought via the telephone, in writing or in person. The following procedure is followed:

  • Vital information on the case is collected by the Poor Relief Staff (e.g. Name, address, details of need)
  • A Poor Relief Officer will then go out into the field to investigate the authencity of the claim and the level of assistance required.
  • Assistance dispensed in accordance with the Poor Relief Act.

There is an inter-relationship between the Poor Relief Office and the Governmental and Non - Governmental agencies.

Persons are often referred to these agencies after investigations and evaluations are carried out. We also receive clients referred from other agencies.
Outdoor Services

  • Spanish Town Feeding Programme
    • Provide meals for homeless persons
    • Annual Christmas dinner for indigents
  • Chicken Rearing Projects
  • Counselling for Clients