Chief Executive Officer's Message

In this world of emerging technology it is important to keep a breast with the times. At a touch of a button you can reach the world and keep in touch with things / people that may mean much to us. The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation welcomes you to our page and hope you will find it resourceful and helpful to the needs that you might have.

The Parish depends predominately on fishing, manufacturing and agriculture as their main occupation, but the capital is noted for its Heritage and through this medium we hope to capture persons all over the world to encourage them to come to Jamaica and in particular St. Catherine and enjoy the facilities.

St Catherine is managed by forty one political divisions in eleven constituencies as such we are answerable to our local citizenry through institutionalized mechanisms which require the Corporation to report to their citizens on their stewardship, and give citizens the means of ensuring strict accountability and transparency in the Corporation's operations. As a Corporation, we seek to bring the community to this level of awareness, which is being done through this media and the many Forums in the various divisions each year.

As the Local Board of Health and the Local Planning Authority we ensure that the environment whether physical, social or otherwise is properly managed, balanced and sustainable within the wishes of its citizens. The partnership / cooperation between the Parish Development Committee, civil society and us forges an alliance to defeat the unorganized way that development was happening. Therefore based on the clear responsibilities that each unit have to perform brings a synergy to the relations between the groups and to ultimately sustainable development.

The Corporation continues to push for local governance as that’s the only way we will move forward as a country. We hope you all will enjoy this new feature and would welcome any progressive feedback. Thank you.