​Cemeteries owned by the St Catherine Municipal Corporation

The St Catherine Municipal Corporation currently owns and operates eight(8) cemeteries namely:-

  • Commodore   
  • Lluidas Vale
  • Treadways
  • Harkers Hall
  • Old Harbour Bay
  • Ewarton
  • Church Pen
  • Thetford Cemetery Old Harbour

Cemeteries Act
Regulations for Cemeteries adapted from the KSAC Cemeteries Act (Page 6 & 7)

The Municipal Corporation:

  1. May appoint a keeper of the cemetery and other officers and servants necessary for the care and use of the cemetery, and may pay them salaries, wages and allowances as they may think fit, out of the moneys to be received under this Part and may remove them or any of them at pleasure (KSAC 12).
  2. Has the power to sell rights of burial and rights to build vaults, monuments, tablets, etc (KSAC 14).
  3. Has the power to fix and receive, and revise fees for burial and special rights in respect of interments in the cemetery as they shall think fit, and also the sums to be paid for the exclusive right of burial either in perpetuity or for a limited period in the cemetery (KSAC 15).
  4. Has the power of constructing any vault or place with the exclusive right of burial therein in perpetuity, or for a limited period, and also the right of erecting or placing any monument, grave stone, tablet or monumental inscription in the said cemetery (KSAC 15).
  5. May from time to time revise or alter such fees, payments or sums, as aforesaid; and:
    • A table of such fees, payments and sums and all other fees and payments in respect of interments n the cemetery;
    • Together with the name or names of the person or persons authorized to receive the same on behalf of the Corporation;
    • Shall be printed and at all times kept conspicuously exhibited at or near the gate of the cemetery;
    • Providing that all such fees, payments and sums shall be so fixed as aforesaid, subject to the approval of the Minister;
    • And no such fees, payments and sums shall be altered or varied without such (the Minister’s) approval.