Interment Options and Customer Service Guaranteed - Thetford Park Cemetery

Interment Options and Customer Service Guaranteed - Thetford Park Cemetery

Now open in Church Pen, Old Harbour, the new Thetford Park Cemetery is focused on becoming one of the best one-stop shops for grieving families, offering a range of interment options at an affordable cost.

Speaking at a media soft launch at the cemetery on August 27, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Andre Griffiths stated that the 25 acres of land public cemetery is divided into phases with interment options and the first phase has now officially commenced. Among other features he said there will be a children’s section, a section for indigent and unidentified burials, burials by religion and chapel rental to enable customers to host the thanksgiving service for their loved ones while comfortably seated.

“As it were, and with the other public cemeteries within the parish near full or full to capacity, it has been our aim at the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, to offer a full-service package for our customers at this modern cemetery.  The rates are competitive and we are intent on making the final moments for our mourners as painless as possible,” said Mr. Griffiths.

“Lillian Barker, a centenarian, would have been the 7th interment at Thetford Park Cemetery; the first was interred on Saturday, August 11, and so far two have been already booked for September, said cemetery keeper, Janet Dixon. She said she believe the Thetford Park Cemetery is a comfortable place of rest for deceased persons and she is looking forward to working there.

Theresa Williams, daughter of the late Lillian Barker at the graveside on Monday, said she is pleased to know that her mother was the first centenarian to be buried at the cemetery and she thanked God for her life.

Meanwhile, at the first burial on August 11, one funeral director from within the parish who was present to observe what was deemed the ‘trial run’ had this to say.  “It is a good move by the Corporation to conceptualize a public cemetery of this nature within the parish and based on what I have seen, I believe it will do well, the Corporation just have to maintain its standards”.

The cemetery has an office on the chapel building with a cemetery keeper who operates there daily; office hours are Mondays to Fridays 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

For information and bookings for burials contact can be made with the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation at 876 984 3111-2, 907 0296 or 907 1795.