Farewell for now Mr. Robinson….

Farewell for now Mr. Robinson….
A get-together was held in the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation’s Meeting room on Thursday August 3rd in honor of Acting Director of Planning Davio Robinson, who will be pursuing further studies overseas.  
Mr. Robinson was transferred from the Westmoreland  Parish Council as Planning Coordinator and joined the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation (then Parish Council) October 01st 2012. He was assigned duties as Physical Planner.
Having had the privilege of working with him over the past years, several persons had much to say, especially colleagues within the Planning Unit which he has been a part of since assuming the post.
As persons expressed best wishes, one person said he was truly a good colleague. He was the kind of person you could rely on.  He got along with everyone and he was someone you could share a joke or two with and ask for help. If he could not help at the time he would say he would get back to you, and in short order he would make good on his promise.
Some other words used to describe him were decent, dependable, supportive, dutiful, well-mannered, polite, intellectual, encouraging and jovial.
One person said it would be remiss to not mention that he was also a stickler for discipline and order.  He has always carried out his duties or any other tasks assigned to him diligently and he maintained those traits.  Hence, it was fitting for him to have acted in the capacity of Director of Planning.
The Management and staff of the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation, uses this medium to say farewell to you for now Mr. Robinson.  It was truly an honor to have worked with you over the years.  Our wish for you is the best of luck and continued success in your endeavours.