Mount Industry Division Community Forum - Monday, June 26, 2017

Mount Industry Division Community Forum
Monday, June 26, 2017
The journey was lengthy, the curves and turns countless, the hills and crags towering but the lushness of the vegetation and freshness of the atmosphere added tranquility to the trip into Glengoffe for the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation’s hosted community forum; held in the Glengoffe High School auditorium on Monday, June 26. 
Councillor Roogae Kirlew, having joined the list of parish Councillors in November 2016, was having a community forum in his Mount Industry Division for the first time.  According to him, the forum was fruitful and he was happy to have had a hands-on opportunity for residents from the various communities to be engaged.
The meeting which went a little over four hours saw representatives from the National Water Commission, Land Administration and Management Authority (LAMP), National Housing Trust, Tax Administration, Jamaica, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security; and residents ceased every opportunity to raise questions and voice concerns as presentations were made.
The NWC is aware of the water situation in the Glengoffe area and is willing to meet residents half way as it relates to settling payments, said Mr. Hopeton Newell.  He was making reference to an excessive water bill owing by customers in the area over an extended period.
Unfortunately there was no representative from the NSWMA to answer to matters relating to garbage collection and disposal when raised.  Councillor Kirlew said he would take the matter up with the representative at the next General Meeting.
Some residents said they were uncomfortable as to the public health risk that can be posed if persons do not appropriately dispose of their garbage.  There were also concerns with the rules that govern the handling of food, especially for those persons operating restaurants and cook shops. 
As the meeting progressed and until it ended, a little after 7:00 p.m., all matters raised were addressed or the appropriate recommendation made, much to the satisfaction of the residents and Councillor Kirlew.