Road Rehabilitation and other Projects – St. Catherine Municipal Corporation

Road Rehabilitation and other Projects – St. Catherine Municipal Corporation

In a bid to improve the road network within the Old Capital, the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation officially commenced road improvement within the township and environs early 2017; the works have been ongoing. 

The works include the laying of new base and paving with asphaltic concrete and installation of new drainage.

Even though the Corporation would have wanted to take the road works to several other communities within the parish, due to limited funds, it has to be done in strides, said one authorized Officer within the Roads and Works Department.

Recently, the following roads outside of Spanish Town were rehabilitated through the Ministry of Local Government’s Equalization Fund Programme:
Old Harbour Fishing Village, Old Harbour South Division (ongoing)
Wright Lane, Ginger Ridge Division (complete)

Continuation of Lakeland Drive, Greendale Division (complete)The St. Catherine Municipal Corporation continues the effort to improve road networks within the parish. 
Meanwhile, following the official ground breaking in 2017, according to Roads and Works personnel, the new ward to provide alternative accommodation for Social Cases from the Spanish Town Hospital at St. Catherine Infirmary, is 60% underway.

Again, the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation’s Roads and Works Department continues to direct and supervise construction works and looks forward to its completion.

Ginger Ridge Division

Fishing Village Road

Lakeland Drive