Parish Labour Day Project – Riversdale, St. Catherine

Parish Labour Day Project – Riversdale, St. Catherine

Chairman of the St. Catherine Joint Civic Affairs Committee, Mr. Gosmo Buddho , said he was satisfied with the level of participation in the Riversdale community of St. Catherine, as volunteers from various organizational entities, agencies, groups and community members participated in the planned Labour Day activities.  And it was truly a blessing to have had the Custos of St. Catherine, Rev. the Hon. Jeffery McKenzie commencing with prayers and afterwards sharing in the activities.

The Riversdale community was the community of choice for the parish project and in keeping with the theme “our environment…our health”, the vicinity of the Health Centre, Police Station and Community Centre grounds were bushed and cleared of anything that may cause or have contributed to mosquito breeding.

“Even though we are seeking to destroy mosquito breeding sites, for fear of the fatal ZIKA Virus, we are also looking closely at ridding areas of rodents, particularly rats that cause the disease leptospirosis, another deadly disease. For this reason, rat baits are on hand to be scattered and set in various areas”, said Mayor of Spanish Town, Councillor Norman Scott.

Several St. Catherine Parish Council staff members from the administrative and Roads and Works departments were present at the project, headed Acting Secretary/Manager Mr. Andre Griffiths and Superintendent of Roads and Works Mr. Everton Ricketts.

Among the list of sponsors were representatives from FARCO Rapid Kill.  Other sponsors were FLOW, Kirk Distributors Limited, Continental Foods - National Bakery, Trade Winds Citrus Limited- True Juice, Food for the Poor, Juici Patties and Island Spring Water.
Close to midday the rains came and fell intermittently; this hampered the progress of the project. However, by 2:00p.m., the majority of the work was done. The community members were more than happy to finalize what was left.