Cemetery Fees and Procedures

The Corporation offer the following for sale at these Cemeteries:

  • Mausoleum   J$18,000.00
  • Sepulcher   J$15,500.00
  • Vault Spots   J$7,500.00
  • Tomb   J$5,000.00
  • Grilling   J$5,000.00
  • Tiling   J$5,000.00
  • Reserved Spots  J$15,500.00

Inspection fee relating to Burial on private/family plots  $2500.00

Rates are subjected to changes.

Requirements for purchasing a Spot:

Persons who have died in Jamaica – The original of the Certificate for

Burial/Burial Order

Persons who have died overseas and wish to buried in this Parish –

  • The Original Death Certificate
  • A copy of the Transit Permit.

These documents requested, will be examined and return to persons, except for the transit permit. 
No transaction can be conducted without the above-mentioned documents being presented.