The Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are said to be the main cause of the ‘zika virus’ and so for the second time around in two years, the St. Catherine Parish Council has joined forces with the St. Catherine Health Department, the National Solid Waste Management Authority and Police, St. Catherine (North) to eliminate devices from garages and tyre shops that may cause or have been a contributory factor to mosquito breeding within the Old Capital and its environs.
Three (3) tipper trucks with drivers were provided through the NSWMAs Mechanism.  One (1) truck which was on standby was provided through the St. Catherine Parish Council’s Roads and Works Department.
A number of casual labourers were provided to work with the trucks.  Other support staff included the St. Catherine Health Department, St. Catherine Parish Council’s Administrative, Roads and Works and Commercial Services Enforcement Team, NSWMA, Police (St. Catherine North) and Ambulance for emergencies.
Through the efforts of the Emergency Affiliated Radio Service (EARS) Programme, and for the purpose of communication, hand-held radios were deployed for each truck and support staff to monitor the progress of the project.
Despite the rain which interrupted the pickup activities carried out in St. Johns Road and environs, Jobs Lane and environs and Brunswick Avenue and environs on day (1), much was accomplished on day (2) where Central Village and environs, Green Dale and environs, Spanish Town Bypass and environs, Old Harbour Road and Spanish Town Central areas were tackled and so the project was a success.
During the operation, mosquito eggs and adult mosquitoes were seen and breeding sites were identified and the Health Department noted the findings and implemented control measures.
Within the two-day period, over (45) locations inside and surrounding Spanish Town were visited; tyres were removed and over (5000) tyres were carefully stacked at the dumpsite at Hill Run.
Residents of Spanish Town and surrounding communities welcomed the initiative and applauded the Management of the St. Catherine Parish Council and other Agencies for their proactive approach in addressing the vexed problem contributing to mosquito breeding.
The St. Catherine Health Department will be preparing a final report with recommendations for the benefit of all the Agencies involved.
The St Catherine Parish Council revealed that it has spent over $300,000 to clean a number of Zika V potential site.